Free Meditation in Kitchener Waterloo & Brantford

We teach free meditation classes and Kirtan in Kitchener Waterloo & Brantford. Our courses and sessions will provide you with the tools to help you find relief from today’s stresses and anxieties and discover true and lasting happiness. We invite you to come to a meditation session and see for yourself!

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the spiritual essence of yoga. The specific meditation we teach is called mantra meditation, an ancient form of meditation that has been practiced since time immemorial. In this meditation we focus our minds on the hearing and chanting of transcendental sounds. Simply by hearing and repeating these sacred sounds you will find relief from stress and anxiety and become immersed in spiritual happiness. A happiness that is beyond the senses and mind - a happiness in the heart.

We practice 3 different methods of mantra meditation that are very easy and enjoyable to do using breath, beads and music (Kirtan).

Cost - Free

In accordance with the time-honoured teachings of meditation, all of our programs in Kitchener Waterloo & Brantford are free of charge.

Our Goal

Our goal at Lotus Meditation is to give you the tools to add this very simple and enjoyable meditation to your life. We have a relaxed, friendly & comfortable space where you are very welcome to come as often or as little as you wish to practice this meditation with a community of others.

About Us

We are a married couple that have been teaching mantra meditation for over 15 years. We began meditating in our early 20’s and discovered the wonderful benefits it has to offer.

During a visit to Waterloo we fell in love with this city. We quickly relocated here and in 2008 Lotus Meditation was born. We very much enjoy meeting the people that make Kitchener Waterloo such a great place to live. We are now partnering with our friends to also offer classes in Brantford.

Lotus Meditation is non-sectarian and not for profit. All classes are given free of charge.

It gives us great happiness to share the wonderful gift of meditation with others. We look forward to meeting you!

Mutual Respect Guidelines

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Frequently Asked Questions

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